Kearney Elementary
Striving Together for Academic Responsibility and Success

Principal’s Corner

I am extremely thankful and excited to have the opportunity to join the Kearney School District as the next Principal at Kearney Elementary.  I will immediately work to establish a positive climate focused on all students and staff by: providing support, creating opportunities for growth, and celebrating successes.

Kearney Elementary is an environment where we strive to make all students feel a sense of belonging in a safe space where they can take the opportunity to grow.  We look to provide an environment that not only puts forward a strong instructional front, but also continuous support of their social-emotional well being.

I look forward to meeting with all stakeholders that help make the Kearney School District the success it is.  The following priorities are included in my entry plan leading into the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Begin to build strong relationships with building personnel as well as connecting with the Kearney Elementary community.

  2. Better understand district and building processes and initiatives.

  3. Initiate expectations of a positive climate with focus of collaboration and reflection.

I look forward to connecting with all individuals to team up and carry the Kearney School District’s continuous pursuit of excellence today for tomorrow.

Mitch Masker

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