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KSD Releases App & Info Hub to Improve Student Safety Online

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Parents/guardians can manage digital activities and access expert advice

Kearney, Mo., November 16, 2023: Kearney School District is introducing two valuable tools designed to enhance online safety for students and provide parents/guardians with helpful insights into their children’s digital activities: the Qustodio Parents App and the KSD Online Safety Hub.

Fostering a secure online environment for our students is a collaborative effort between Kearney School District and parents/guardians. The new app and hub will enhance and strengthen that partnership on behalf of the community’s children.

Ryan Blankenship

KSD IT Director Ryan Blankenship led the effort to make these new digital tools available for the district’s parents/guardians. This launch is progress towards achieving an important step included in Pillar 1: Climate & Culture of KSD’s 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, which calls for the creation of a safe learning environment of respect and belonging fostering a path to success.

“We’re excited to make the Qustodio Parents App and KSD Online Safety Hub available for all of our families,” Mr. Blankenship said. “We want to equip parents and guardians with practical, effective knowledge and tools so that they can keep their children safe and teach them how to be good digital citizens.”

Qustodio, powered by KSD’s content filter partner Linewize, is a powerful app designed to help parents/guardians monitor and manage their children’s digital activities on school devices. With Qustodio, users gain visibility and insights into how their children’s school devices are being used through real-time data on their internet usage. Additionally, Qustodio allows parents/guardians to pause the internet on school devices outside of school hours, ensuring a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.

The KSD Online Safety Hub, also powered by Linewize, is a comprehensive resource that contains expert advice authored by leading safety professionals. This hub covers crucial online safety topics such as online bullying, screen time management, and gaming. It serves as a valuable guide for parents/guardians navigating the challenges of the digital world, offering insights and strategies to promote a safe and positive online environment for students.

We encourage all KSD parents/guardians to explore these tools to better understand how their children are using their digital devices and to equip themselves with the knowledge to support their online safety. Both the Qustodio Parents App and the KSD Online Safety Hub align with KSD’s commitment to providing exemplary educational experiences in a safe and supportive learning environment.

KSD parents/guardians can visit for easy instructions to get started with the Qustodio Parents App and to find a link to the KSD Online Safety Hub.

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