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Parent-Teacher Conferences are Oct. 26

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No school on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held from noon to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26 at our schools. There will be no school that day or on Friday, Oct. 27. 

We strongly encourage all parents/guardians and students to participate in these conferences. This is an opportunity to meet with teachers and guidance counselors, review your child’s progress and get valuable guidance to propel academic achievement. 

Here are three simple steps to maximizing the value of these conferences:

1. Prepare in Advance

  • Before the conference, review your child’s recent schoolwork, assignments, and any feedback or progress reports that have been sent home.
  • Make a list of questions or concerns you have about your child’s academic performance, behavior, or any other relevant topics.
  • Discuss your child’s goals and aspirations with them, so you can share these aspirations with the teacher and work together to support your child’s growth.

2. Engage in Open Communication

  • During the conference, actively listen to the teacher’s insights and observations about your child’s progress and behavior in school.
  • Share your own observations and concerns, but do so in a constructive and respectful manner. Be open to the teacher’s feedback and suggestions.
  • Ask specific questions about your child’s strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for supporting their learning at home.

3. Set Clear Action Steps

  • Work with the teacher to set specific goals and action steps for your child’s education. These goals could include academic targets, behavior improvements, or strategies to enhance learning.
  • Establish a plan for regular communication between you and the teacher, whether it’s through emails, phone calls, or additional meetings throughout the school year.
  • Follow up on the action steps discussed during the conference and monitor your child’s progress. Stay involved in their education and provide ongoing support.

The educational process is always a partnership between students, parents/guardians and teachers. Parent-Teachers Conferences are a crucial part of that process as we work together to make sure our students are fully prepared to reach and succeed at the next level. Please contact your school if you have any questions about these conferences.

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