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KHS Choir Hits High Notes at Districts

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Kearney High School choir students participated in the 2023 MSHSAA District Solo and Small Ensemble Contest on Saturday, April 1. The Bulldogs had 25 events compete this year, with 20 of those events receiving an honor rating of Exemplary or Outstanding. Exemplary performances qualify to participate in the state festival on April 29.

“Our entire choir has worked incredibly hard this year and we saw that effort pay off during Districts,” Director Dustin McKinney said. “I’m proud of them and looking forward to their performances at state!”

Kailey RomeroSolo(1) Exemplary
Keenan HaneySolo(1) Exemplary
Claire WalkerSolo(1) Exemplary
Hailey ParkerSolo(1) Exemplary
Eleandra CooperSolo(1) Exemplary
Kendall Ernzen, Heidi Adams, Keenan Haney, Eleandra Cooper, Kate Martens, Ryan Bowles, Connor Green, Logan WestCooper Eight(1) Exemplary
Ryan BowlesSolo(1) Exemplary
Emi EberhardtSolo(1) Exemplary
Kendall Ernzen, Ivy Taylor, Hailey Parker, Tess Roberts, Kailey Romero, Eliza Lohman, Emma Ellis, Arianna SypniewskiErnzenn SSAA(2) Outstanding
Kaycie SpringerSolo(2) Outstanding
Katelyn CobbSolo(2) Outstanding
Claire Walker, Ivy Taylor, Keenan Haney, Ryan Bowles, Jules Ford, Kailey RomeroWalker Six(2) Outstanding
Ivy TaylorSolo(2) Outstanding
Breanna CobbSolo(2) Outstanding
Madison TevebaughSolo(2) Outstanding
Eliza LohmanSolo(2) Outstanding
Luke ZurlieneSolo(2) Outstanding
Heidi AdamsSolo(2) Outstanding
Ella Reagan-LusbySolo(2) Outstanding
Delayne BoydSolo(2) Outstanding
Ella Reagan-Lusby, Katelyn Landewee, Lily Chandler, Kaycie Springer, Emi Eberhardt, Delayne BoydSpringer Six(3) Satisfactory
Lily McAuliffeSolo(3) Satisfactory
Kaycie Springer, Claire Walker, Colton Walker, Katelyn Cobb, Abi McQuillen, Caden Perez, Anthony Hornung, Drew NelsonHornung Eight(3) Satisfactory
Lyly Cox, Hailey Parker, Luke Zurliene, Connor Green, Reese Heil, Ainsley YoungGreen Six(3) Satisfactory
Drew NelsonSolo(3) Satisfactory

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