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Potential Boundary Changes

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Question and Answer Fact Sheet


I am writing this letter to inform you about potential attendance boundary changes for Kearney and Dogwood Elementary schools and thank those of you that attended the parent meeting Tuesday, March 10. It has been many years since a boundary change has occurred in our district, but we believe community growth patterns may now necessitate such a change.  

Every year we evaluate class sizes at each of our schools. You may recall, several years ago overcrowding at Kearney High School led to a building expansion. We believe the next school expansion will be the addition of an elementary school, but that is likely several years away.  

The more immediate district need is to balance elementary class sizes. As the school district grows, most of our elementary class sizes are on the rise and Dogwood Elementary is leading the others in the number of students per class. Conversely, class sizes at Kearney Elementary remain the lowest in the district. We are now considering a change in the attendance boundary as a means to even out class sizes across the district and as an effort to alleviate future overcrowding.  

I, as well as the Kearney Board of Education, understand the seriousness of this issue and are concerned how making changes or not making changes may impact students and families both in the boundary change area and in classrooms. It is for this reason we would like your input.  

Please know that Dogwood Principal, Janelle Nelson, Kearney Elementary Principal, Brian Sloan and I will be available to answer all of your questions via email, phone or in person.

Boundary Change Information:

Please review the school attendance boundary change information. We will continue to provide updates on the school district’s website

Current Class Size Details

Current Boundary Map

Potential Boundary Changes

You may contact us at the following email address or call our offices. Janelle Nelson,; Brian Sloan,; Bill Nicely,

Thank you for your input. 

Dr. Bill Nicely

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