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Online Safety and the Momo Challenge

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We have received concerns about a challenge circulating on the internet called the “Momo Challenge.” While it has come to light that this challenge may be a hoax, like other internet challenges, the spread of information about the challenge can lead youth to participate in suggested harmful behavior and possibly daring others to participate as well. We want to share with you the information we know at this time.

It is unknown where this current challenge originated from, but through different social media platforms, children are encouraged to interact with “Momo” (a stranger), to receive and participate in specific challenges. The challenges start as more minor acts of bad behavior, like watching a scary movie, and progress to self-harm that can ultimately lead to a challenge of suicide.

We share this information not to alarm you, but to inform and help you have conversations with your children about this subject since they may be hearing about it from online sources, media or friends.

This topic brings to the forefront the message we all need to continue to keep in mind: internet safety. While the internet can be a positive resource, it also contains inappropriate content for children, and it is up to all of us to help protect them from things that could be potentially harmful for them. Here are some ways you can help your child through this latest challenge and promote safe online practices.

Helpful Tips:

  • Bringing up the Momo Challenge specifically may lead children to investigate it themselves. Instead, consider asking them whether they have encountered anything online that may have caused them to be worried or upset.
  • If your child is aware of this trend, remind them that Momo is not a real person, cannot directly harm, see them, or make them do anything.
  • Encourage your children to talk to you or a trusted adult if they encounter anything that causes them to worry or to become upset including pressures or dares from peers.
  • Remind children never to contact strangers online, and to never give out personal information.
  • Tighten device settings and parental controls.
  • Report and block any content that is harmful or disturbing.
  • Supervise your child’s online activity, limit internet use to shared family spaces and keep an eye out for unknown phone numbers or email addresses.

School District Support Resources:

School Counselors – Contact your student’s school

District Resource Officer, Adam Kirkland – Email Phone: 816-872-0030

Anonymous Tips – Download the P3 Tips App for free and select Kearney Schools to anonymously report a situation.

Online Support Resources:
Common Sense Media – What parents need to know about social media
Smart Social – Social Media FAQ
Additional Crisis Resources

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