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Diversity and Inclusion Community Presentation

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Kearney School District and Nyah Lynn Present
A Community Presentation: Diversity and Inclusion

February 15, 2018 | Kearney, MO

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Becoming Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors

This Diversity and Inclusion Symposium is for all who want to engage with “others” who are different from us. In this presentation and subsequent discussions we will focus on the full range of dimensions that we may face when we engage in cross-cultural communications. This presentation is real talk and offer real solutions. This symposium is highly experiential and designed to challenge stereotypes, negativity and bridge relationships. Come prepared to share your stories and be heard and Make Every Student, Staff and Community Member Count!

  • Can we really talk about diversity among ourselves without pretending there are not any issues?
  • Have you ever asked someone who is “different” from you whether they really feel valued in the school, workplace or community? Can you ask and they answer without backlash from either vantage point?
  • Have we really stopped to think about how others might feel when they are lumped into one category?
  • Are we comfortable learning or working alongside someone who is experiencing homelessness, bullying, harassment, loneliness, or exclusion? Or are these issues largely relegated from our mind – invisible?
  • How do we have tough conversations and retain our relationships?
  • Have we connected with those who feel marginalize, not part of the school, faculty or community?

Join us as we address these topics and more on February 15. Check back for a time and more information as we get closer to the date.

Be a part of the conversation, click here to submit a question to Nyah Edwards.



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